Scientologist Tom Cruise talks Tough About Psychiatry

Scientology and Tom Cruise–Megastar Tom Cruise has constantly politely and
respectfully been a Church of Scientology member and supporter. But as of late, the War of the Worlds actor is considerably more smug and outspoken in the media concerning the sights held by him and his church about the industry of Transformational Psychotherapy.

Although there was a media blitz close to Cruise and his new film and new
romantic relationship while using the much more youthful actress Katie Holmes, the actor has become working with
much of his time in interviews to talk about Scientology and take a number of jabs at
moms who use antidepressants for Postpartum Depression–like actress Brooke
Shields (Down Arrived The Rain: My Journey By way of Postpartum Depression).

Cruise and Shields are already getting a media feud around the topic of medicine and
melancholy, and it appears that Cruise blasted psychiatry and medicine use even
more in his Today Show job interview with Matt Lauer.

When Cruise reviewed postpartum depression, his impression (determined by Scientology
sights) was that all antidepressants do is mask the challenge of depression. It is actually his
perception that despair can be treated with vitamins and training.

Although nutritional vitamins are fantastic as health supplements to keep your body nourished, let’s be frank
here. It’s dangerous and almost bordering ridiculous to recommend a females suffering
from postpartum melancholy that she should really consider vitamin remedy and a extensive stroll
in order to avoid experience the urge to shake her crying little one! Or to enhance her curiosity in
even holding her sleeping baby.

Although not one person is recommending throwing antidepressants down each mother’s
throat using the baby-blues, postpartum melancholy then again is usually a really serious
issue that always responds favorably to antidepressant therapy.

Tom Cruise also thinks (based on Scientology views), that there’s no these detail
for a chemical imbalance.

What Cruise ought to continue to keep in your mind is that lots of remedies in modern drugs are
not based upon exact evidence, but supposition. It absolutely was theorized at 1 stage that medicine
that targeted mind chemicals in individuals would possibly remedy on assistance alleviate
signs or symptoms of mental sicknesses.

And now there may be proof that sure medication which have an impact on mind chemical compounds assist the
influenced particular person manage their sickness. Talk to a person who continues to be seriously
frustrated, anyone encountering bipolar problem, or possibly a schizophrenic. Talk to the
people today that love them. For several sufferers of psychological diseases, there is certainly a change
and advancement within the excellent of their lives whenever they take their medicine. That
is really a fact that cannot be denied.

While Scientologists possibly imply well– they may have really affective applications
encouraging drug addicted persons get clear and great studying courses for youngsters,
they appeared to acquire fallen to the traps of numerous other religions and corporations
by standing on their moral significant horse and generalizing or demonizing selected
persons, teams, or theories.

My feeling? Tom Cruise ought to go someplace and begin setting up his marriage.
Brooke Shields could create one more reserve according to the controversy that’s been
thrown her way. And us mere mortals? Nicely, I do know if I begin looking at Elvis cooking
green tomatoes in my kitchen area, that someone improved get me to your nearest shrink